From couch to half marathon or how I’ve got into running

The short answer is obstinacy.

To be honest, I’m stubborn as hell, always has been. Usually, when people look at me, they do not presume too much of me. In their eyes, I’m just a girl with a pretty face and a loud voice.

They do not presume that I’m smart.
They do not presume that I can cook.
They do not presume that I know about football.
They do not presume that I can drive.
They do not presume that I can finish a race.

And yet, I do.

I have an IQ of 144, a college degree,  I speak 4 languages and read more books a year than others in their whole life.
I can make pancakes even when I’m drunk.
I know more about football than the average boy and could recite all the English football clubs, their nicknames and their pitch before I could read.
I drive a stick shift and can change my tires without any help.
I’ve finished a 6K mud race on a motocross track with my 10yrs old dog basically from the couch, without any further training but with a smile on my face.

So when I say I’m gonna run a half marathon next year, I mean it. And if you doubt me, the better.