They say changes are good.
They say changes are necessary.
They say changes make the world go around.

What they don’t tell you is that changes are scary too. And they certainly don’t tell you that sometimes they hurt. They hurt so much that you doubt you will get out alive. And yet, you do. Barely alive, but here you are, breathing.

The question is: was it worth it?

The sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed, going through all the pros and cons for the thousandth time. The choking fear in your throat, the insane thumping in your chest, the haze creeping around your brain. You are way too familiar with all of it.

But sooner or later, you have to decide: stay or change. Play on the safe side or take the risk and go for the new? Will it worth it?  All the fuss, all the pain, all the killing obscurity?  Will it be relieving or will it deliver the final thrust? Do you have enough to do it all over again, one more time? Enough stamina, enough bravery, enough soul? Or you’re just a ghost of someone you used to be, someone who will stumble and fall on the very first obstacle?

The question is not that if it worth it, but are you willing to die in it?